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SKIN ISSUES IN LOCKDOWN-Top 3 Reasons You Need To Know

Skin Issues, Lockdown skin issues

We used to think, that going out and getting exposure is the issue which is ruining your skin, isn't it?

Well, I used to believe that concept as well. My skin has become so gross in these months during lockdown that I have never thought of. But my concern grew regarding these issues which my skin is facing nowadays, in a homely environment. I am going to share reasons and some solutions regarding this topic. Because skincare during lockdown is vital, that's enough for an introduction, I guess. Maybe yes, so let's get into this now.

Now if I think about my skin in the past five months, I would say that my skin has seen better days. I used to be conscious of my looks and skin as I had to go out and meet many professionals and people. So, I need to stay concerned regarding my skin health. I guess this will be the case with everyone out there. You and I both know that we are lazy, it's okay if you are not. But for me, I am super lazy when it comes to self-care. I know self-love is a thing, but sometimes I am too tired and lazy that I want to sleep and watch my favourite shows. Speaking of that, have you watched any Kdramas? Well, if not, you must. They are so addictive and unique, I bet you will love them. Oops, I got distracted from the topic, really sorry for that.

So, where were we? Yes, sometimes we both get lazy enough after a hectic schedule, as we still need to work from home. So, we have our schedule packed, and we barely have the patience and sense to care for our skin health. 

I thought, why my skin is not thriving and glowing, because I am not commuting anywhere or applying makeup. These two were used to be considered as critical reasons for having bad skin or skin issues.


Well in 2020, you and me, actually everyone is experiencing an immense change in daily routines and lifestyle. So, this comes out of no surprise that our skin is with our body; it feels the change as well. These are some of the significant factors which are causing skin changes:

1.      Stress, stress and winner is stress!!

Stress is creating such a significant impact over you and your skin; you don't even think about how much damage it is causing to our skin and mental health. Stress and anxiety are enemies of your skin. At the moment when you are stressed, you release a hormone named cortisol, which is known to cause oil production in an excessive amount and inflammation, in the end, it causes you to break out. The adverse effects of anxiety and stress are decrease in appetite (FOOD IS HEAVEN!! YOU CANNOT IGNORE IT), sleeping disorders and increase in intake of caffeine. These are some of the significant culprits due to which you get spots all over the face, again.

Due to avoid this do not turn on the news channel every time if the increase in cases of COVID-19 is stressing you out. Try some relaxing techniques such as do some meditation or dance! Do something, anything which provides you with mental happiness and satisfaction.


2.       Go Away, Planner!

Nothing is expected in 2020, not a single thing. You were used to waking up, having a shower, getting dressed for work or college. But now what, as soon as you wake up, even after a shower you see yourself in the pyjamas (NO DOUBT THEY ARE THE COMFIEST ATTIRE IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!).

What do you think your skin is dumb, won't it experience these changes? Your skin demands of healthy food but it gets packed and junk food.

Try to set things normal; plan your day. Go for a walk, block your hours for working, dress for the day (You are still working no matter what). Have a healthy balanced diet, because vitamins and nutrients are a great deal for your skin.


3.       Missing Sun Kissed Vibes?

Do you remember reading in our schools that, vitamin D is essential for our body? Even though sun rays contain UV rays, sunlight is the most prime source of vitamin D. Our skin is habituated having exposure to the sunlight. In this scenario spending couple of minutes outdoors is essential, go for a walk at the terrace if you cannot go to the roads or nearby parks.

But that doesn't mean that you need to spend hours in the sunlight, mark my words just a couple of minutes if sufficient because UV rays are still a concern because they are still responsible for fatal skin diseases and cancers.


At the end of the day, you and your skin deserve special treatment because you are unique. The demands of your skin and stomach differ sometimes. You have to sacrifice taste sometimes to save your day for the skin. Junk food, oily food or foods containing a significant proportion of carbohydrates can increase the proportion of oil in your skin. The increase of oil in your body can give birth to acne and pimples. Reduce the screen exposure at least before sleeping, try reading a book it will help you sleep peacefully.

If you had the complaint that you did not get enough time for your hobby, well you have that now. Don't just sit and scroll through your feed. This pandemic will end someday, and you will be back with your old schedule. Live your life to the fullest while you have the chance and time to do that. Enhance your skills and yourself. Pamper yourself with some delightful books or arrange your spa at home. Well! Am I allowed to join you? Anyways you are unique so treat yourself specially.

That was so much of advice. Phewww… I got tired. Let us meet in the next blog.


STAY SAFE 😊 and yeah do try watching Kdramas…